Learn windsurfing in 2 hours!!! 2 hours is all we need to learn you the bases of windsurfing and allow you to go sailing and comeback. Puerto Cancun Surfing Bret Club is offering an adapted gear and professional instructors to help beginners and more advanced windsurfers to progress.


With some of the best windsurfers in Mexico training in the club, the objective of Cancun Surfing Bret Club is to form youth windsurfer who want to have fun and to compete, and then train them to go claim title on national and international windsurfing scene, up to to Olympic Games!!!


Occasional practice:

– Private lesson: 30 USD/hour (+15 USD/per additional person)

– Gear rental: 25 USD/hour

Regular practice

– 8 classes package: 125 USD

– 3 times/week training: 100 USD/month

The regular classes have a 2 hour duration and aren’t individual lessons but group classes/training.

All the prices include the equipment.