Surfers for Cetaceans TransparentSea Voyage

Surfers for Cetaceans, TransparentSea Voyage

As well as being a talented surfer (with a style that somehow, at the same time, brings to mind the best of the 1960s cruising longboard era and 2000′s+ post-New School era), Maurice is also a man with a mission; to protect our world’s oceans and the animals that live in them. The organization he founded– Surfers for Cetaceans– has a mission that taps into the group of people that we believe at the SSC can change the world to help save our seas; the surfing community.

Hit it on the nail in a  recent interview in Surfline:

“There’s this assumed idea that surfers are all connected to their environment, and to a degree we are because we know what time high tide is, we know where the swell’s coming from, we know the seasons and what way the wind is blowing, but then there’s the next step of using that awareness not just for your personal enjoyment but for the collective enjoyment of having a sustainably healthy area to live in,” Rastovich says. “The next step in the evolution of all of this is to live up to this idea of our environmental sensibilities.”

surf coastal environmental issues

The next step in Rasta’ own evolution? The TransparentSea Voyage, an awareness campaign aimed at highlighting coastal environmental issues, with particular attention given to cetaceans (whales and dolphins) and the waters they inhabit.

Founding of Rerip San Francisco: Surfboard Recycling in the Bay Area

In conjunction with Rerip, it’s my pleasure to announce the launch of San Francisco’s first surfboard recycling program, with our first drop-off point located at Aqua Surf Shop at 2830 Sloat Boulevard (at Great Highway). If you have a dinged up old board– or a sick stick you don’t surf any more– drop it off at Aqua Surf Shop to help the environment and a surfer in need. This is the first surfboard recycling program on the Central Coast, you’d have to drive to Ventura to find another drop-off point!

I’d like to give a shout out to making this happen, and of course the reigning king on Sloat, Merle the dog!

Re-Rip Boards are collected and inventoried depending on their current state; unrideable and broken boards are used in recycling R&D efforts and by local artists to create unique art pieces; or being mulched to add as a filler in concrete- “Surfcrete“. Surfboard recycling is an excellent way to reduce environmental impacts while improving social well-being, and I have been working to coordinate this with Meghan Dambacher of Rerip in San Diego and Tobias Schultz of the Sustainable Surfing Coalition.

surfboard recycling program

If you are interested in dropping off a surfboard, check out the map of surfboard recycling drop-offs to find your way down to Aqua. If you’re a local artist or have another use for old surfboards please contact me (brendanlange at gmail dot com).