ZMZ DIVE Adult Snorkel Set, Tempered Glass Dry Snorkel, Adjustable Anti-Leak Anti-Fog Design Panoramic Scuba Mask, Top… Price: $7.11 (as of 22/06/2021 05:11 PST- Details)

Anti-Leak Tempered Glass: The snorkel set for adults and youth is made of food grade silicone material, can provide maximum comfort and long-lasting performance.And perfectly fits the human face structure and uses excellent mask sealing technology to prevent water leaking.
Super Anti-fog design and Anti-stress: The mask is equipped with a professional anti-fog film, and the double-layer lens design can better resist the unstable factors caused by water pressure, and it is safer to use when you having a deep diving activities.
Easy Dry-Top Snorkel:Flexible corrugated hoses have a faster reaction speed that can be quickly opened or closed to prevent sand blocking, better air introduction into the tube and freely fold into two halves to help you breathe smoothly under water.