Driftsun Nymbus Foam Surfboard, with EPS Foam Core, Includes 3 Removable Fins

Amazon.com Price: $179.99 (as of 22/06/2021 05:10 PST- Details)

HIGH EFFICIENCY SURFBOARD DESIGN. The design of the Driftsun Foam surfboard is geared towards high-efficiency. From its seamless thruster nose that widens out to its 20 in body ending in a curved rear, it is poised to have more buoyancy and smooth take-offs and turns.
LONGER, MORE STABLE RIDES. The EPS foam core and the outline of the Driftsun board give it maximum stability. Excellent for inexperienced riders. The volume of the foam make the surfboard stay afloat better, helping the surfer stay standing on and enjoy longer rides. EPE soft foam decking, helps prevent dings to the core, excellent traction without the need for wax. Can be waxed for additional traction.
PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS. Foam surfboards are the boards of choice for beginners. Its smooth outline, heavy duty core, and 3 removable fins help surfers catch more waves and build their confidence in the process. Its high buoyancy quality results to stability and easy paddling.