Rerip Surf and Balikbayod

Rerip Surf and Balikbayod helping kids in the Phillippines

I was stoked to hear that Balikbayod’s trip to Siargao Island in the Phillippines in November was a resounding success. They have created two “surfboard libraries” on the island, giving access to surfboards to kids who probably never dreamed they’d have the opportunity to surf anything but a pro’s broken stick. (Did we mention Cloud 9 is on Siargao? Those are some stoked groms!) And we’re happy to have Rerip boards collected at Aqua Surf Shop here in San Francisco be part of this last trip, with many more board shipments to follow.

Check out the two photos below to see the Balikbayod staff and kids with some of the Rerip surfboards already donated to Balikbayod.

Balikbayods trip to Siargao

California’s Marine Protected Areas: “The Yosemites of the Sea”

The Natural Resources Defense Council is active in many areas regarding protection of the environment, and have an entire active program devoted solely to reviving the oceans. Part of their work is the production of videos (one of which, about ocean acidification, I have posted before) which are always informative and well-produced.

I came across this interesting video about California’s Marine Protected Areas recently. While it focuses on marine protected areas on the central coast of the state (specifically, the Gulf of the Farallones) the video highlights how such marine protected areas a crucial component of any protection of the ocean. There is some great footage of local wildlife, from tide pools to kelp forests– if you look carefully over the commentator’s shoulder, in one scene you can even see a glimpse of Ocean Beach looking glassy, head high, and fun.

UC Berkeley Engineers and Business for Sustainability: Sustainability in Products and Practice

When I was at school at UC Berkeley I was fortunate enough to be exposed to many excellent classes and people in the Engineers and Business for Sustainability (EBS) program. The program was excellent, and I hope it continues its success into the future.

surf sustainable projects

We understand how important education is at the SSC (after all, it is part of our mission statement), and I am glad that the Luce Foundation has helped to fund the EBS program over the years to help educate students like myself. I hope that educational programs like this one continue not just at UC Berkeley, but at other colleges around the world.

The video here highlights what the Luce Foundation considered the two best cases examples of sustainable projects that have come out of the EBS program; sustainable housing design for the Pinoleville-Pomo Nation, and my own work with the Sustainable Surfing Coalition (I start about 6 minutes in). Check it out!