Come discover the beauty of the ocean in Cancun!!! For this, Surfing Bret Club offer Kayak rental with interesting rate per hour or per day.


Also, One of the objective of Surfing Bret Club is to create a dynamic around sport kayaking in Cancun with weekly training session and group adventures around Cancun (ex: day at Isla Mujeres…)

If you own a Kayak, we also rent an ideally located room for your equipment so you don’t have to transport your kayak every time you want to enjoy it.

Occasional practice:

– Gear rental:

– 20 USD/hour

– 45 USD/day

– Tours: coming soon

Regular practice

– 8 rental package: 100 USD (2 hours rental)

– 3 times/week training: 100 USD/month

Kayak Storage:

25 USD/month